Holiday paper sales

Paper Sales 2012//

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Annually, hundreds of Goodfellows and community partners take to the streets in the first week in December to ensure that there is “No Dearborn Child is without a Christmas.”

Our annual holiday paper sales are the most important Dearborn Goodfellows fundraiser and takes place the first Friday and Saturday immediately following the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

These papers are generously supported by Bewick Publishing, our local Times-Hearld newspaper and made possible through our generous sponsors and community partners. In the heartfelt and warm tradition established by this paper’s founder, Frank Bewick, which continues to this day, the excess cost of publishing from our sponsors is returned as a gift to the Goodfellows.

Our host for this event is St. Kateri Church where newspapers and supplies can be picked up, returned, and all monies are prepared for deposit. Throughout this event, light food and warm beverages are provided or brought to your street corners. You can sell papers individually, as a group, or as an organization. Students requesting community service can submit an online community service request or visit theforms page and a letter confirming your community service can be emailed directly to your school. If you are a business and would like to establish a payroll giving program, please contact us for further details.

We need you! You don’t have to be a past or present paper boy or girl! The more paper sellers we have, the more papers we can sell. You can sell papers for an hour or a day, but please sell! You can sell papers at a street corner or business! Please donate your time, sell!

The Dearborn Goodfellows work closely with Dearborn Mayor John B. (Jack) O’Reilly, Jr, the Dearborn City Council, and the Dearborn Police and Fire Departments in keeping you safe during our selling period by providing each seller with fluorescent vests. Please get prior permission from the proprietor of any business you wish to sell papers from, then sell!

Most important, please support those sponsors and community partners advertising in our holiday paper along with those allowing you to sell papers at their establishments.Every effort has been made to recognize them throughout this website, and they, like you, make this fundraiser possible and a gift of a happy Christmas to a needy Dearborn child a reality.